I have been going to Dr. Johnson since I was 14. I was having chronic back pain and didn’t know what was wrong! He did a very thorough exam and with the help of adjustments and physical therapy, he was able to treat my Scoliosis. I would not be able to do things I can […]


I have been to many chiropractors in my lifetime and I have to say that Dr. Johnson is the first to educate me on how my body works! I love the way he does x-rays to show me what my spine and hips look like before and after treatment. The exercises and stretches he taught […]


He’s great! Very thorough. Doesn’t adjust before taking x-rays. Explains everything very well. Answers all your questions. He even answers the ones you ask 3 times after forgetting. Like I said. He’s awesome!


Love going here to get readjusted Been going here for almost 3 years.


About the end of February 2017, I woke up with a stiff neck that just got worse over the day. So I came in and started chiropractic treatments. It took about 2 weeks until I could sleep without pain. Noe, 1st of May. I am almost back to 100% I am very pleased with the […]


I first came in because my lower back was always hurting. It didn’t matter what I did, it hurt. Laying down, walking, sitting, and moving was all painful. I could not function like that, so I called in and made an appointment. About 2 weeks in my pain was gone and I felt like it […]


I had numbness, tingling, and fatigue in my left shoulder and neck area. I’ve been coming in for chiropractic care for a couple months. The symptoms have all gotten much better. I’m excited to continue with the exercise program and wipe the discomfort out!


I had neck and shoulder pain with radiating pain down my arm when I went to see Dr. Johnson. He adjusted my spine, neck, and hips, massaged my shoulders and gave me exercises and stretches to do and the pain and tension were gone. I love that he gave me stuff I could do to […]


Oh Boy! Was I the biggest skeptic when I walked through the doors of this practice. I was experiencing the worst lower back pain and with pressure from my husband to see a chiropractor, I finally made an appointment to come in. Dr. Johnson worked on my back assuring me over and over and over […]